Shilajit Benefits for Women

1From times immemorial women used to do whatever it takes to preserve their youth and beauty.  Having in their beauty arsenal different herbal decoctions, forest levies, mixing them together, composing different masks and ointments for their skin, hair and body  – there is no surprise that they were said to be enchantresses, after all.  Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult for modern women living in a big city, surrounded with mental and physical every day stress, not to turn from a beautiful fairy into an old hag.  That is why they continue to resort to cunning and add to their makeup and drug kits different additives and supplements.  Taking for instance shilajit, one of the most universal supplement, you can save the space in your bag – one small jar of it comprise endless list of benefits.

          Increasing  tonus and workability

Mountain balm affects on the organism bracingly. Brings back energy and strengths that have been  lost during the day. Due to it oxygen travels to the cells faster and it acts invigorative.

          Sexual activity/ fertility

Shilajit is said to double the egg count in women’s body, thereby enabling women to perform better. Shilajit improves women’s sexual activities in incredibly glorious ways. It increases egg count to upto 60% that makes fertilisation more probable. It even enhances the ovum activity to 12-15%, which means that the egg release is more viable and are more prone to fuse with sperms.

Another reason why Shilajit can bring back the magic in sexual life is that it enthuses in tons of energy that gives way to performance on bed. People, these days, due to excessive workload and stress come home tired and bored. And it is but natural that this lack of energy and enthusiasm become a big obstacle in their sexual lives. Shilajit however, as mentioned, delivers the energy to go home in an active state and do the needful with style and not just for the sakes. Let us delve into the scientific working of Shilajit. The medicine is said to work on the mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse, and nourish its cells. So when the source of energy is nourished and taken care of, it automatically relieves a lot of energy, transforming you into a desirable and lively man.

          Beauty care: skin and hair care

In composition with a cream or body lotion shilajit can increase its effectiveness, brings tonus and elasticity. Besides it’s a good way to get rid of stretch marks, which woman can be easily rewarded with after a pregnancy or during a big weight rippling.

          Detoxification/ weight loss

Adding shilajit to the daily ration helps to improve the process of detoxification and chelation.  As it puts metabolism to order and clear up a colon  the process of the weight loss will be established as well.

          Immune system

Shilajit is considered to be one of the best immunomodulator, as it acts on the cell-level,  the place  which very difficult to get to for the vitamins and minerals, so shilajit comes directly into the cell, bombard it with necessary nutrients. Shilajit fights against inflammations, helps to counteract various viruses and microbes. Is a good immune booster during the flu season.

          Ageing process

It is very well known fact that ageing is caused due to cellular damage. There are various reasons like excessive sunlight, the lack of oxygen, stress etc. that cause cell damage and here is where Shilajit comes into play. Shilajit helps to avoid the cell damage, thereby preventing ageing.

It maintains women’s mood  and even protects them from cardiovascular diseases. Shilajit enhances performance by adding to the counts of women’s estrogen and tending to its maternal activities; it even simulates women’ s pituitary well in order to release large numbers of oestrogens and progesterones. Shilajit shields the body against ageing and helps a woman look young and beautiful.


It is not a secret that women are far more likely to suffer from arthritis. One of the best way of its prevention is to sate your organism with necessary microelements and minerals. Such microelements as zinc, selenium and calcium are necessary for keeping up our joints, cartilages and tissue healthy. Fulvic acid, contained in big amounts in shilajit, intensifies the effect of useful substances of food and vitamins.


Of course shilajit  is a jinx against all the women’s foes: ageing, low libido, fatigue and etc. but it will be more effective with a mixture of dieting and active lifestyle – without ones there will be no use of any spell.


Shilajit Benefits For Men


Hundreds of years ago, Ayurvedic doctors started using shilajit due to its effective health-improving properties. An ancient healthcare system of India referred to the benefits of using it. It is often referred as ‘Conqueror of Mountain’ or ‘The Rock’ because it has the capability to make the body rock-like. It works excellently by ceasing and reversing the process of aging. Even in India, the divine powers of shilajit in it’s capability to heal all type of sicknesses and restore youthfulness were observed by some Yogis.

The number of benefits that natural shilajit has simply unbelievable. It affects positively almost everything in human body: from hair ends to heels, from immune system to mood enhancement. Each man who take it on regular basis will admit it.

     Sexual Performance Enhancer

Premature ejaculation does not only affect your sexual relationship, it also lowers your self-esteem. However, shilajit helps in curing this embarrassing problem and gives you the chance of lasting quite longer in bed in order to reach the peak of sexual pleasure. Well of course, there are reasons associated to why the semen flow out much earlier than it’s supposed to without the voluntary action of a man to stop the sexual activity sooner. Psychological reasons such as the excessive involvement in sexual activities and the inability to control sexual urges and emotions are also underlining factors that promote the problem of premature ejaculation. The fact remains that if a man is healthy physically and mentally, his sex life would blossom, he will last longer in bed and he will forget what low libido means.

     Promotion of Testosterone Levels

Shilajit helps in promoting testosterone level naturally. A man needs a high level of testosterone to protect the tissues of the muscle,to keep a healthy body weight and to maintain a better psychological state of mind. However, men who take shilajit enjoy a boost in their testosterone levels.

     Preventive Method for Diabetes

Diabetes is ranked to be one of the seven leading causes of death. Shilajit based medicine helps to regulate the blood sugar level by promoting the regeneration of pancreas cells. It functions in the sense that it helps to maintain a healthy glucose level, thus, diabetes being kept away.

     Best Antioxidant

Shilajit got the unique system of antioxidant properties: it inhibits lipid peroxidation, reduces glutathione and prevents the free radicals that cause oxidization in your blood. Also researchers have found that it contains an ORAC index (within 50 and 500), which is greatly higher than berries, that are considered to have of the highest antioxidant properties.

     Healing Injuries

Lots of researches and experiments have shown shilajit regenerative impact. Soviet sportsmen and military were using it due to its magnificent abilities in healing muscle and bone tissues. One of the tests showed that using it as a food supplement shorten the regenerative process almost twice after fractures.

     Physical Benefits

Shilajit is a great medical substance that destroys weakness and nourishes the body with essential nutrients.Thanks to the fact that it contains a great amount of minerals and vitamins, it is capable of improving your recovery after a workout, improving your physical fitness, increasing your stamina and your brain functions. Moreover, It is helps increase muscle mass after activity and it is great in protecting neurons.

     Hair Treatment

Shilajit has all the primary active ingredients that your hair need to look at it’s best and grow faster: terpenoids, phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, vitamin A, B, C and P (citrines), Humid Acids, Humins, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, and Fulvic Acids.


Another marvelous feature of shilajit is that it is not just helps to recover faster, but many people who uses it regularly admit that it has some kind of ability to correct natural rhythm. It means they fall asleep at a right time and wake up earlier well rested.


Shilajit is known as a destroyer of weakness and this is absolutely true. Besides it also supplies, enriches, cures and positively changes your body and mind. It could be spoken about for hours, but you will never find out the exact answer on question how truly good it is until you try it yourself.

As one wise man said – the only disappointment is that I didn’t try it earlier.


Shilajit have a number of benefits and can be used to improve skin tone, smooths wrinkles, hide stretch marks, protect skin from harmful environmental factors, restores the deficiency of macro- and micro elements in the integumentary tissues, stimulates the regenerative processes of the skin, so that part of the means of reducing and eliminating scars. Shilajit recommended for postoperative rehabilitation. Also heals burns and sores. A “mountain balm” as it may called has virtually no side effects, except in cases of individual intolerance or its use in excessive doses.